Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly wrap up

This has been a good week at our house.Everyone has memorized our scripture about loving one another and serving one another. My younger son Justin is really taking it to heart too! Yesterday he asked me to get him some milk. I told him that he was big enough to do it himself and I’ll be darned he said “But mom our scripture says to serve one another!” LOL! I got up and got him some milk! Hahahaha

Isaiah has almost finished All About Spelling level one.We have been playing a reading/spelling game together this week. I ask Isaiah to spell a word and his younger brother Justin to read a word and if they get them right they get a chocolate chip :0)

The best part of the week was finding out that my hubby will be here for his leave two whole weeks earlier than we thought he would be :0) It has been almost seven months since we have been together and we are all freaking out with excitement! We also baked some cakes together for Isaiah’s Blue and Gold banquet(boy scouts). The boys baked and decorated with very little assistance from me and both had a ball!100_4947 100_4951

Feel free to check out how everyone else’s weeks gone at Kris’ blog Weird, Unsocialized homeschoolers.


Amy in Peru said...

I'm so happy for you!! How long does he get to stay? I hope you are able to take full advantage of the time together!!

I found your link on the cm email list, you're welcome to visit me anytime! :)

amy in peru

Tristan said...

Hooray for a good week! Counting down to his visit even if I don't have a countdown jar. ;)

I'm planning next week right now.. I got ribbon to make bookmarks Wednesday at Book club.

homeschooling mom of 4 said...


I just found your link on the CM list too. Sounds like you had a good week. I know your husband's leave can't get here soon enough! :) I hope everything goes smoothly and your family has a great time while he is home. I have a brother who just deployed again. Keeping them all in prayer.


AFwife99 said...

Bless your Hubby for his service. It is such a sacrifice for you as well. It looks like your family had a busy week. Thanks for sharing.

Giggly Girls said...

Yay on the early leave!!! That is so awesome. I know how hard deployments are. And doubly hard for a homeschooling momma.

We're 6 months out from retirement and I'm not sure what I'll with him home all the time.

Wonder Mom said...

YAHOO for early leave! I REALLY admire you military mammas and daddys who keep the home fires burning while your spouses are away...

(Oh, and don't ya just hate it when your kiddos call you on what you've been teaching them?)

Rachel said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog -- we did use NOEO Biology this past year and LOVED it! I want to do physics soon but we are about to start a self created science year of Human Anatomy that was inspired by NOEO this year :-) Hope to visit back here soon!