Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Such A Cool Guy


That right there is my hubby and I have to say,he is such a great guy! He is faithful,hard working,loving,has a great sense of humor and loves the Lord as much as I do. The other day when we sat down as a family to have our daily(well Mostly daily) scripture study he did a little impromptu lesson with the kids that I thought was so neat.

He told them that he would whisper in their ear a scripture one time.After he whispered the scripture to each of us in turn he said “Ok now I want you to tell me what that scripture said word for word!” Needless to say not one of us could.

Then he told us that this is why we are so blessed to have the scriptures and why reading them every day is so important.If we want to follow God we need to know what He says.If we want to know,remember and live His gospel we have to be familiar with it and read it often.

I just thought that was a cool way to 1.Get the kids attention and 2.Help them realize the blessing the scriptures are to us.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I’ve Been Tagged!

Jeanine over @the Peel Academy is playing a wonderful game of tag as a way to get to know other bloggers and she has tagged me!Thanks Jeanine!She had some questions and here are my answers!

1.What do you love most about homeschooling? This is a hard one for me to answer because I love pretty much EVERYTHING about homeschool! Today I think I love most that we can live a family centered life.My kids still value their parents opinions more than their peers and I think that's saying something!

2.What is your favorite way to socialize?OOHH Good one Jeanine! I love to get together with other families and have game nights.There is nothing better than food friends and fun games!

3.What is one of your attributes that only other homeschoolers understand? Its not necessarily an attribute,but I get excited over all the things we study and the different resources I find and library book sales!LoL Other homeschoolers understand that!

4.What makes you human (i.e. less then perfect)? I lose my patience. I always hear from non homeschoolers how patient I must be and really I’m not!I figure God knew I needed something like homeschooling to show me my failure in patience and humble me :0)

5.What are your strengths?I’m a good planner and organizer. I enjoy having a plan and following through with it.

6.What books are you enjoying? I just finished re-reading the “Love Comes Softly” series by Janette Oke.A very uplifting series!

7.What charitable or social cause would you devote your time to if time was not an issue? That's a good question! If time weren't an issue I would love to be more involved with learning to live more “naturally” and helping others do the same.As well as fighting the obesity epidemic in America.

Last but not least 8. What do you want to be when you grow up? :0) I want to be a career student. I want to get my masters in library science and go to culinary school and study art(because right now I know nothing about art!) and become a sign language interpreter.I just LOVE to learn!

Now I get to tag a few of my favorite bloggers and ask 8 questions of my own!

I’m tagging :


Another fellow homeschooler@Almost Unschoolers

Mrs.Regan@Regan Family Farm

And last but not least Kris @WeirdUnsocializedHomeschoolers

This is what I’d love to know!

1.How has your homeschooling philosophy changed over the years?

2.What is one of your favorite “guilty pleasures”?

3.Favorite childrens author?

4.Favorite homeschool resource?

5.What is one of your secret ambitions?

6.What is your favorite place you have lived?If you have only lived in one place what is your faorite thing about that place?

7.What are your top 2 reasons for homeschooling?

8.If life were simpler ;0) what would you like to spend more time doing?