Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Newest Member of the Family

Oh the fun and interesting paths that homeschool can lead us down! We have a new addition in our household.Let me introduce you to Nagini our new baby California Kingsnake.


You see it all started last week when my husband found this great new show on netflix.For the life of me I can’t remember the name.But the gist of the show is that this really energetic guy travels the world in search of different snakes and other reptiles.My sons were just enthralled!Next were a few shows about Komodo Dragons.Another huge hit with the kiddos of the household. At this point my boys were asking when we would be finishing our insect study and when oh when could we study reptiles?! Being the good homeschool mommy I am I said “Lets start right away!” I love to “strike while the iron is hot” so to speak! Anywho, we searched our bookshelves for any title we could find about reptiles and found several,took a trip to the library and planned a field trip to the local zoo that just happens to have several Komodo Dragons!

While in conversation with a friend one day I learned that our local pet store had several animals of the reptilian persuasion.Frogs,lizards and snakes galore!Well we decided not to waste any time,packed up our brood and heading over!Let me just say I have never owned a reptile of any sort.Nor had any desire whatsoever to have one.To my total surprise while we were there we fell head over heels for this cute little striped fellow! Daddy being the sensible one said “Lets go home and do some research!” Here we are a week later the proud owners of our very first reptile!

Knowing how these things go with four kids in the house we decided right off to let everyone pick a name for our new little guy and then to draw one from a hat.My daughter Hannah said she wanted to name it “H” like Hannah. Justin decided “Slithy” would be good because of course they slither. Isaiah picked “Nagini” being a huge Harry Potter fan.My husband picked “Hermin” and I wanted “King Henry” because after all He is a Kingsnake! In the end though Isaiah won out and Nagini He was named!

Dismantling The Inner School

I attended some really great workshops at the homeschool conference this year. I think my favorite would have to be  “Dismantling the Inner School” with Author and homeschool father David Albert.

Mr. Albert spoke about some of the things that we are programmed to believe in public school.Things about our children, ourselves and the so-called experts. During his workshop he handed out a paper with several of these myths listed and I just really had to share.

  • Learning starts on the first day of school.
  • You are going to miss something important(and ruin your kids for life!)
  • There are “special” places for learning, “special equipment, and “special” times.
  • There is someone who is more expert when it comes to your children than you are.
  • If you don't learn things on time and on schedule, it doesn’t count(or worse).
  • There are such creatures as average children.
  • “Socialization” only happens in a group of age-restricted peers.
  • What you teach is what they learn.
  • You can only enjoy things you are good at.
  • You should only pursue things you are good at.
  • Learning is for the kids.
  • Learning is all about individuals.(That is,the learning to be gained by an individual trumps community intelligence.)
  • Your life outcomes will be determined by how well (or poorly) you do in school.
  • School can fix everything, and if things aren’t going well,the solution is more of it.

I can tell you that I have run into,confronted and Dismantled SEVERAL of these myths in my own mind as a public educated person. I’d love to know if any of these myths have affected your homeschool?How did you dismantle these myths for yourself?

Prayers and positive thoughts for Nevaeh

Thank you all who have been praying for Nevaeh.Word from her sweet momma is that her chemo and radiation treatments are going really well.Nevaeh has regained the use of her left side and is remaining a happy little girl throughout this trying time.

I’d ask that you all continue to take them to the Lord in prayer.Thank you all so much!

Homeschool Encouragement

We all need some encouragement sometimes. One of the ways I get homeschool encouragement is by seeking out other homeschool families.Specifically other homeschool moms that I can chat too,brainstorm with and even on the rare occasion whine too.

Another way I recharge my homeschool teacher battery is by going to a homeschool conference.Workshops full of encouragement,enlightenment and fun.Isle after isle of homeschool vendors and lets not forget to mention all the wonderful people you can run into. I got to attend our local homeschool conference just a few weeks ago with a sweet friend I have been getting to know better. Having that two days of emersion in everything homeschool was so Refreshing.

100_8517 See how happy and refreshed I look?!

If you find your homeschool battery is running low I’d encourage you to reach out to those around you.Make some time for yourself.Time to refocus and re-energize!