Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life in General

I havent posted in what seems like too long! I just wanted to update on life here in the Pacific northWest.
Daddy is again out of town for training. This is fairly normal for our family. He will be gone for about five weeks total. I find that these small seperations can be not only a pain, which they are. But also a small blessing too. Couples and family's who are never apart can never really fully appreciate eachother I think. We tend to take for granted what we always have. I have the oportunity at times to have to be the one to "do it all". I have to be the cook and the maid and the boo-boo kisser like always, but now I also have to be the maintenance man and the jungle gym and the boogie man getter. I can honestly say that my husband is an amazing man who will get up early for a two mile run, then work all day and can still come home and be super man for the kids and me! I dont think you can fully appreciate someone if you have never had to walk in there shoes. At the same time my husband knows all that I "normally" do at home to care for our family. He also knows that now I am adding on top of that all the things HE normally does. I know that He appreciates the fact that I can "keep it together" while he is away.
Things with the pregnancy are going well. I had my first appointment with my midwife this past week. I love my midwife!! she is fantastic! We also got to hear the heart beat which is one of my favorite parts! I have been fairly sick this first trimester but that is finally starting to ware off, Thank Goodness!
Homeschool has been really good this month. We decided since mom was so sick we would just do the basics this month. Math, reading and scriptures. you know taking a month to just slow down has been great! Justin has learned his letters and his shapesand colors too. He is begining to try to sound out simple words, note I said try! Isaiah's reading is improving incredibly. He has always been great at math and he continues to pick up new concepts quickly!
Thats really all thats going on in our world here! I'll keep trying to keep you posted!

Monday, April 13, 2009

been a while

I feel like its been to long since I posted anything up here. Things have been...stressful. I have been really sick with this pregnancy so far. Not throwing up thankfully but feeling like it 24/7. I have also been really tired. Hubby was gone for two weeks when I found out I was pregnant. He was home for a week and a half and now he is gone for a month. Sometimes Army life sucks!
Really its a very good life for us and our family, there are some serious benefits. But there are also some serious downsides too. I am sure it wouldnt be so bad if I werent feeling so crappy!
I am glad to get on here and have a pity party every so often. It makes me feel better! LoL