Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In my ninth month

Just wanted to post some pictures of myself. I am officially in my ninth month and feeling good still =-}

The feeling Feminine Challenge

This challenge is something I read about on another persons blog and I loved the idea ofit.

"The challenge is to wear only skirts/dresses for an entire week (7 days.) Post some pictures on your blog and show us some of your outfits. If you don’t have exactly 7 different skirts, that’s alright. Mix and match with different shirts. If you’d like, post every day of your challenge week and show us what you wore like the other ladies did, and be creative! You can easily be modest and fashionable at the same time. Being modest and feminine doesn’t mean wearing a skirt that covers your toes and a shirt that comes all the way up to your neck, or has dull colors. No! You can be modest, feminine, lovely, beautiful and stylish all at the same time! Put on a hat if you want; Dress up with some jewelry and fix your hair in a lovely fashion. Fix your hair a different way each day of the challenge week. Be creative and try new hairstyles. Show us pictures of daily activities of you in your skirts. Show us how you can look modest and feminine, yet with some added style."

I have always worn pants, just seemed normal to me reall, but i have foundin recent years that when I come home from churh on Sunday I WANT to stay in my dress or skirt. I feel pretty and feminine and womanly as I go about the house making lunch and being with my family. I LIKE this feeling!
Now at this point I am 9 m0nths pregnant and my skirt/dress seletion in maternity clothes is slim to none. So I have decided to do the challenge once this fourth little blessing comes and I can fit into my regular clothes again =-} I'll post pictures once I get to that point! I'd encourage anyone else to join in and enjoy feeling a little more feminine for week!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

One of those weeks

Well this week was one of those weeks! Half of what we had planned for school didnt get done! haha We did do lots of review though so the week wasnt a total wash. I just keep trying to remind myself that I am nine months pregnant and the loss of energy was bound to happen! I also keep reminding myself that these children of mine have a God given desire to learn and can do that without my help. We dont have to sit down and have a lesson for them to learn something. =-}
I am so glad that we homeschool. I am thankful that we have learned that each child developes at there own pace, they all excel in different area's. It makes learning a joy and not a chore.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Few Homeschool pic's from this week.

This week for homeschool we are doing a unit study on the book "the Rag Coat". Its a great story about a family living in Appalachia. Papa is a coal minner who dies from "black lung" and to keep the family going Mama makes and sells quilts. In the story Minna wants to go to school but doesnt have a coat. The story tells about her very special coat and the reactions that her schoolmates have to it.

For art today the kids all made there own quilt square.Even Hannah had a good time taking scraps of paper and gluing them together.

Also this week Isaiah has written out vocabulary words and definitions pulled from the book.Justin is working on number and letter recognition so his handwriting was the numbers 10,11,12 and his name. Hannah enjoyed scribling away on her own paper!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Counting My Blessings

I am So blessed and felt the need to just count my blessings today.

1. I have three healthy beautiful children
2. I get to spend every day learning with them
3. I am 8 months pregnant with another sweet baby
4. I feel really good for being 8 months pregnant
5. I have an amazing suportive husband
6. I have a husband who is strong in the gospel and loves God
7. I finally learned after a few years of marriage that I can let him do things his way
8. I have the scriptures to learn from
9. I get to be near family and have there support during this deployment
10. my hubby has a good job and we dont have to worry about layoffs

That is just such an amazingly small part of my blessings, but if I tried to list them all I'd be here for weeks and weeks =-} These are just a few I am particularly thanksful for at the moment.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I am feeling refreshed

I have had a great day today. I got to send some time out with my sister. Chatting about homeschool and husbands and everything else! The kids got to spend a few hours with Grandma. They went to the park and played all there energy out =-}Now I am just putting up some recent pictures and enjoying a relaxed evening.

Pic's of Me, my big belly and all the kids.