Friday, January 20, 2012

Week in Review The Total Off Week

Oh goodness me what a week it has been!Some very fun and wonderful things have gone on here in our home and some very not fun and wonderful things too.

On the fun and wonderful side my newest nephew Mason had his second surgery.A shunt surgery and it went fantastically and he is right this minute out of the hospital and home with his family which includes his 6 excited siblings.

We also got to enjoy some great snow the earlier part of the week

053020021046We don’t always get a lot of snow where we are located so this has been fun!Several days of snowball fights and tromping out in the snow.

The not so wonderful part of that is that after those first few fun days kids got sick,mommy had sinus issues and then everything turned to ice and has made traveling fairly impossible.Of course the battery on my car died too, so traveling isn't  really an option  anyways until I get a new battery!

We are super blessed though to have a bit of food storage which meant we could stay snuggled up safe in the house and not starve,we have not lost power like several thousand in our area have and we have awesome friends who will help us get the car battery put in too!Its been a fun,long,exciting and exhausting week and I’m honestly glad to see it end ;0)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

You Know You're a Military Spouse When....

-Someone asks when your Spouse will be home, you say July or August instead of 5 or 6pm. -
-You live on your own and by yourself more after you're married than before you were married.
-You know all of your Spouse's co-workers by their last name...and rarely know their first name. ... ...
... ... -You say "I'm going to the commissary" instead of "grocery store".
-You need your I.D to buy groceries. -
-You really want something but you say , well I'm going to have to wait for the 1st or 15th for it ".
-Half of your wardrobe has some kind of Military insignia on it and once belonged to your Spouse.
-The sounds of helicopters, and Jets flying over your house shaking your windows, surprisingly soothes you!
-Your Spouse's work and dress clothes cost more than yours do. -
-You only write in pencil because EVERYTHING is subject to change. -
-You know that a 2 month separation IS short, no matter what your civilian friends say.
-You know better than to go to the commissary between 11:30 and 1:30 or on a payday unless it's a life or death emergency.
-You know that any reference to "sand box" describes a deployment to Afghanistan, not your kid's backyard toys.
-You don't have to think about what time 21:30 is. -
-You pick apart uniforms on TV and in the movies for being inaccurate with your Spouses'.
-You are asked to stop talking in acronyms and translate it all to English
-When your Spouse says they get to "Sleep In" and is referring to 6:30See M

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Super Blessed

I am just feeling so blessed today and I wanted to share it. First and most importantly my nephew Mason Tanner was born today!My sister (best friend) had her first c-section and is recovering really well (praise God) and Mr.Mason is also looking good.He is over at children's hospital being cared for by the best doctors(again praise God).

Due to my hubbys recent move from one place in Afghanistan to another (please don’t ask me where lol) we have been able to talk most everyday.The really awesome part is that we can talk on the phone.Where he was located before he could only use the internet.That was hard on the kids because the younger ones cant understand messages written on the screen.Now they get to hear Daddies voice ever day.God really knew that was weigh down my heart.Its so hard to watch my kids having Dad gone and it was hurting me to know the little ones couldn't talk to him.

On top of those great blessings we are also having an awesome week in school.Everything isn't going smoothly in every area.On the contrary there are some real struggles going on academically BUT every ones attitude is staying positive and that’s a true blessing!I am being reminded that we all learn differently and on our own schedule and that’s ok!

I hope everyone else is feeling the blessings in their life this week too!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

When God speaks to Me


I love when God speaks to me. Sometimes its through a thought,a song, a feeling,a friend.Most often for me it is through the scriptures. Today in sacrament meeting our bishop was speaking and he referred us to the 22nd chapter of Alma.In this chapter Aaron is teaching King Lamoni’s father about redemption through Christ.The king asks Aaron “What shall I do that I may have this eternal life of which though hast spoken?”. The king says that he will forsake his kingdom if that is what it takes. Aaron goes on to explain to the king the process of repentance and faith in Jesus. what the king says next during his prayer is really what hit my heart.He says  “ I will give away all my sins to know thee”.

When I read that scripture it just filled my heart. I guess I compared it to my kids and my husband. I would give away all that I have to see my children happy.I would give away all that I have to see my husband safe.Am I not then willing to give away my sins to know my Savior? My sins aren't something forced upon me by an evil satan,they are something I choose,something I hold close to me in tight fists.I must be willing to “give them away”. Is there anything I wouldn’t do to know my Savior? We all have our “favorite sins”.We foolishly cling to these sins.Often justifying them along the way. My prayer for myself and for you  is that we make the conscious decision  to give them away that we may have a more close and fulfilling relationship with our Savior and Also our Father in heaven.