Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Super Blessed

I am just feeling so blessed today and I wanted to share it. First and most importantly my nephew Mason Tanner was born today!My sister (best friend) had her first c-section and is recovering really well (praise God) and Mr.Mason is also looking good.He is over at children's hospital being cared for by the best doctors(again praise God).

Due to my hubbys recent move from one place in Afghanistan to another (please don’t ask me where lol) we have been able to talk most everyday.The really awesome part is that we can talk on the phone.Where he was located before he could only use the internet.That was hard on the kids because the younger ones cant understand messages written on the screen.Now they get to hear Daddies voice ever day.God really knew that was weigh down my heart.Its so hard to watch my kids having Dad gone and it was hurting me to know the little ones couldn't talk to him.

On top of those great blessings we are also having an awesome week in school.Everything isn't going smoothly in every area.On the contrary there are some real struggles going on academically BUT every ones attitude is staying positive and that’s a true blessing!I am being reminded that we all learn differently and on our own schedule and that’s ok!

I hope everyone else is feeling the blessings in their life this week too!

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The Osborne's said...

I'm so glad everything went well with your sister and Mason! And so glad you get to talk to your husband more often!