Friday, January 20, 2012

Week in Review The Total Off Week

Oh goodness me what a week it has been!Some very fun and wonderful things have gone on here in our home and some very not fun and wonderful things too.

On the fun and wonderful side my newest nephew Mason had his second surgery.A shunt surgery and it went fantastically and he is right this minute out of the hospital and home with his family which includes his 6 excited siblings.

We also got to enjoy some great snow the earlier part of the week

053020021046We don’t always get a lot of snow where we are located so this has been fun!Several days of snowball fights and tromping out in the snow.

The not so wonderful part of that is that after those first few fun days kids got sick,mommy had sinus issues and then everything turned to ice and has made traveling fairly impossible.Of course the battery on my car died too, so traveling isn't  really an option  anyways until I get a new battery!

We are super blessed though to have a bit of food storage which meant we could stay snuggled up safe in the house and not starve,we have not lost power like several thousand in our area have and we have awesome friends who will help us get the car battery put in too!Its been a fun,long,exciting and exhausting week and I’m honestly glad to see it end ;0)

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