Thursday, January 12, 2012

You Know You're a Military Spouse When....

-Someone asks when your Spouse will be home, you say July or August instead of 5 or 6pm. -
-You live on your own and by yourself more after you're married than before you were married.
-You know all of your Spouse's co-workers by their last name...and rarely know their first name. ... ...
... ... -You say "I'm going to the commissary" instead of "grocery store".
-You need your I.D to buy groceries. -
-You really want something but you say , well I'm going to have to wait for the 1st or 15th for it ".
-Half of your wardrobe has some kind of Military insignia on it and once belonged to your Spouse.
-The sounds of helicopters, and Jets flying over your house shaking your windows, surprisingly soothes you!
-Your Spouse's work and dress clothes cost more than yours do. -
-You only write in pencil because EVERYTHING is subject to change. -
-You know that a 2 month separation IS short, no matter what your civilian friends say.
-You know better than to go to the commissary between 11:30 and 1:30 or on a payday unless it's a life or death emergency.
-You know that any reference to "sand box" describes a deployment to Afghanistan, not your kid's backyard toys.
-You don't have to think about what time 21:30 is. -
-You pick apart uniforms on TV and in the movies for being inaccurate with your Spouses'.
-You are asked to stop talking in acronyms and translate it all to English
-When your Spouse says they get to "Sleep In" and is referring to 6:30See M

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