Friday, February 27, 2009

My New Nephew

I am so thrilled that I know have a new nephew! He arrived safe and sound Thursday around three in the afternoon!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy Sort of!

I havent posted in so long and it feels like I've just been really busy! On the other hand I dont feel like I have really done much of anything!! We havent done homeschool really at all, we have hung out around the house, played, and painted in Hannahs room. But we have been able to do all of that with my Mom and thats been wonderful! One of the major down sides to being an Army family is always missing home and family. So anytime we get to visit is great! Here are just a few pictures from her week long visit. We went to the Seattle science museum, we painted in the babies room and just spent lots of family time!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Johanne Gutenburg

Today was a fun day. We wrapped up our first inventor Johanne Gutenburg. Gutenburg invented the moving type press. To better explain what that was to the kids we made our own "moving type" and had fun "printing" with it. Hannah wanted to be where all the action was so she sat in her high chair coloring and looking at books while we worked.
The next inventor on the list is Louis Braille. I think he will be facinating to learn about! we are going to learn a bit about his life and the time he lived in as well as learning our own names in Braille.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What a week!

This week has been an interesting one to say the least! The week started off great. We are learning about Johannes Gutenburg and his moving type press this week. I enjoyed sharing with the kids about how he is credited with printing the first Bible and how Heavenly Father can use us in such wonderful ways!
Tuesday was Co-op and that we thoroughly enjoyed. Then Wednesday rolled around and things took a bit of a nose dive! I was SO sick! Coughing , head ache, body ache, chills and a fever! Instead of a productive no t.v day we had a lay on the couch ALL t.v day!
Thursday I was feeling better. The head ache and chills were gone. The only symptom remaining was a scratchy throat that made me sound like a man =-}
Friday was Daddys 26th birthday. The kids enjoyed making daddy cards and shopping for presents. Then we got together with some friends at daddys favorite restaraunt for dinner. I put in the pictures that show the two ends of the crazy table!! Well then today rolls around and Miss Hannah and Daddy have both gotten the flu bug! Hannah sleeps alot when she is sick, she slept from 2 to 5:30 today!! She will probably be up late but at least she is in a good mood!Daddy has laid on the couch trying not to move! Poor guy! At least it didnt hit on his birthday!
Now the goal for next week is to catch up on the missed homeschool and get everyone well and the house completely sanatized before Grandma comes for her visit at the end of the week! All I keep telling myself is "Good luck with that Sister!!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today I am tired. We were up and out the door by nine today to get Daddy to work so that the kidlets and I could head to Co-op. I love Co-op and so do the boys! Its definately worth the effort to get up and go so early. I have developed over night it seems some sort of head cold. That made Co-op a bit tough today. I assist in a really fun class full of 5 to 7 year olds for two hours and then the final "class period" I assist in the preschool. By the end of things I was worn out! Do to some unfortunate happenings though I did not get to rest when I got home! Let me explain, Isaiah came to me at the end of Co-op to ask if he could have one of the cookies that were made in one of the classes today. Sure why not was my reply. But alas it was not meant to be, because by the time he made it back to get the cookie they were all gone! Isaiah was so sad, he really wanted a cookie and was just bummed beyond belief that they were gone. I tried to comfort him and praised him for thinking to ask permission first. Then I told him we could make a special treat when we got home. Thats how I got roped into making cinnamon rolls, from scratch! These very special cinnamon rolls have become a tradition when we visit home. They are Aunt Tee-Tee's speciality!That is what my sweet sensitive boy wanted, his Aunt Tee-Tee's cinnamon rolls! How could I say no! So after we have lunch and put the baby downh to nap the boys and I made cinnamon rolls. They were Delicious!!!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Space Robots and everything inbetween

There have been all sorts of goings ons lately in our household so I thought I'd update everyone! We finished our space unit in January and I must say we all learned alot and really enjoyed it! February is "Inventors/Robots". Our oldest is really into inventing things and building Bots right now. He plans on being a toy inventor when he grows up. He's also has been building tons of bots. Lego bots have been the main thing. While out at one of our favorite stores this past week we found some erector sets on sale. The boys are both enjoying tinkering and buildingwith those now and Dad's been enjoying it too!
Today In homeschool Justin decided he wanted to write his name. So I wrote it on a piece of paper and then he wrote it himself right below. A very good first try!! Also the first time he has wanted to do it! Both boys practiced memorizing our scripture of the week. Isaiah wrote it out for handwriting and Justin traced it for handwriting then went thru and told me all the letters. We are still working on learning the lower case letters so it was really good practice for him.
I also informed the boys that todays was a No T.V day! They were not the least bit thrilled which let me know just how much we needed more no t.v days! The boys enjoyed coloring signs to go up on the t.v's and so I got pictures of them.The T.V thing has been a bit of an ongoing issue in our house. Dad enjoys sitting down to relax infront of the tube after work. Dad wants to keep his cable.Mom feels however that there is more bad than there is good on there. We love the discovery channel and the kids enjoys some cartoons and you can occasionally find a good family movie. I can control the shows that are viewed on my T.V. The problem becomes that I cant control the commercials. Commercials for horror films that scare the kids and make it hard for them to sleep, commercials with half naked people, commercials with people drinking alcohol and doing any other number of things that drive the Spirit out of my home. I have been learning a good lesson lately. I should not badger my hubby about the cable. I should not tell him I will get rid of it regardless of what he wants. I just need to explain my feelings to him and then go to my Heavenly Father. He will work in my husbands heart in a far better way than my badgering will. I have been learning lately that I think I am right too much and that I feel it my "job" to "convince" people of that far too often. I am seeing that really what I need to do is try to align my will with Heavenly Fathers and trust Him to do the rest. I geuss there are too many things in my life that I feel are my job to handle when really I need to take themto and trust them with Heavenly Father