Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today I am tired. We were up and out the door by nine today to get Daddy to work so that the kidlets and I could head to Co-op. I love Co-op and so do the boys! Its definately worth the effort to get up and go so early. I have developed over night it seems some sort of head cold. That made Co-op a bit tough today. I assist in a really fun class full of 5 to 7 year olds for two hours and then the final "class period" I assist in the preschool. By the end of things I was worn out! Do to some unfortunate happenings though I did not get to rest when I got home! Let me explain, Isaiah came to me at the end of Co-op to ask if he could have one of the cookies that were made in one of the classes today. Sure why not was my reply. But alas it was not meant to be, because by the time he made it back to get the cookie they were all gone! Isaiah was so sad, he really wanted a cookie and was just bummed beyond belief that they were gone. I tried to comfort him and praised him for thinking to ask permission first. Then I told him we could make a special treat when we got home. Thats how I got roped into making cinnamon rolls, from scratch! These very special cinnamon rolls have become a tradition when we visit home. They are Aunt Tee-Tee's speciality!That is what my sweet sensitive boy wanted, his Aunt Tee-Tee's cinnamon rolls! How could I say no! So after we have lunch and put the baby downh to nap the boys and I made cinnamon rolls. They were Delicious!!!!!!


tdrowlee said...

Oh those look so good! Great job! Poor Aunt Tee Tee won't be needed anymore, will I?

Hmm, I guess when you are out here I'll have to introduce the boys to my homemade pretzels!

Great job baking mom!

Anonymous said...

Those look delicious! Glad co op is going so well. I am glad he is so thoughtful too! What a gentleman.