Monday, February 2, 2009

Space Robots and everything inbetween

There have been all sorts of goings ons lately in our household so I thought I'd update everyone! We finished our space unit in January and I must say we all learned alot and really enjoyed it! February is "Inventors/Robots". Our oldest is really into inventing things and building Bots right now. He plans on being a toy inventor when he grows up. He's also has been building tons of bots. Lego bots have been the main thing. While out at one of our favorite stores this past week we found some erector sets on sale. The boys are both enjoying tinkering and buildingwith those now and Dad's been enjoying it too!
Today In homeschool Justin decided he wanted to write his name. So I wrote it on a piece of paper and then he wrote it himself right below. A very good first try!! Also the first time he has wanted to do it! Both boys practiced memorizing our scripture of the week. Isaiah wrote it out for handwriting and Justin traced it for handwriting then went thru and told me all the letters. We are still working on learning the lower case letters so it was really good practice for him.
I also informed the boys that todays was a No T.V day! They were not the least bit thrilled which let me know just how much we needed more no t.v days! The boys enjoyed coloring signs to go up on the t.v's and so I got pictures of them.The T.V thing has been a bit of an ongoing issue in our house. Dad enjoys sitting down to relax infront of the tube after work. Dad wants to keep his cable.Mom feels however that there is more bad than there is good on there. We love the discovery channel and the kids enjoys some cartoons and you can occasionally find a good family movie. I can control the shows that are viewed on my T.V. The problem becomes that I cant control the commercials. Commercials for horror films that scare the kids and make it hard for them to sleep, commercials with half naked people, commercials with people drinking alcohol and doing any other number of things that drive the Spirit out of my home. I have been learning a good lesson lately. I should not badger my hubby about the cable. I should not tell him I will get rid of it regardless of what he wants. I just need to explain my feelings to him and then go to my Heavenly Father. He will work in my husbands heart in a far better way than my badgering will. I have been learning lately that I think I am right too much and that I feel it my "job" to "convince" people of that far too often. I am seeing that really what I need to do is try to align my will with Heavenly Fathers and trust Him to do the rest. I geuss there are too many things in my life that I feel are my job to handle when really I need to take themto and trust them with Heavenly Father


tdrowlee said...

Wonderful pictures! Horray for handwriting... and for No TV days! We're due for one soon I think.

I totally hear you on the stuff with hubby and needing to do what you can and let Heavenly Father do the rest. I'm doing better at this in some areas. I've still got some that need work in though! Sigh.

Love the bots! That is just totally amazing to me. We're loving the one that was mailed to us!

Anonymous said...

I just read an article in a e-mail homeschool paper that talked about a "no electronic gadget month". You know tv, game systems, etc. It was interesting. I think I would have to do the "day" ones and build up to a "month". I must admit an addition to tv.

Great robots! Even better handwriting practice. Writing is a lost art now a-days with computers and such.