Monday, January 26, 2009

What is my Treasure

Today we did a family home evening that I enjoyed alot. I remember doing something like it in my own home and thats what made me want to try it with my brood. I told the kids that we were going to talk about treasure and that I had pciked out some things to represent treasures of the world and a bowl of water to represent spiritual treasures. As we talked about each of the "treasures" we would put them in a bowl that represented our life.
We had a match box car to represent a nice fast sports car . A monopoly mansion, a tiny golf club and some quarters to represent the worldly treasures we could get. The boys whocan earn quarters for extra chores and who loves fast shiny cars were really into this! Then we added water to our bowl as we talked about being baptized and going on a mission, reading scriptures, being sealed, and gaining a testimony.
After this I brought out a strainer and told them that the strainer represented dying and the pot below represented Heaven. I poured our life bowl into the Heaven pot and then we talked about how the only thing that went with us to Heaven were all the spiritual treasures.
The kids really "got it" and it was a cool family home evening moment and you know it really made me think about MY treasures. We are told in the scriptures that what we seek after and what we spend our time thinking about and trying to get is where our heart is. Where is my heart? What treasures am I laying up in store for myself and my family? Its definately something to think about.


tdrowlee said...

Awww, I remember doing that .... and we haven't done it with my kids yet... I know what our FHE is next week!

Anonymous said...

I remember that fhe too! There are books out there that give you ideas for "visuals" to go with gospel principles. I will look for some. Great job mom.

tdrowlee said...

I love you and your honest blogging! I've given you the Kreativ Blogger Award over on my blog here: