Monday, January 5, 2009

Astronauts in the family

Christmas break is over and I must say I am ready to get life going again! We had a great time with Daddy off work and no spelling list to check but I tell you its great to get back to life as we usually know it. This month is going to be so much fun! We are studying space. So Monday I informed the kids that we would be going on a space exploration. We talked about astronomy and then about some of the first astronauts like Yuri Gagarin. We "explored" the closest thing to our planet, the moon. Then while I prepared lunch the boys looked thru all our space books and they were totally fascinated! It took for ever to get lunch done because every two seconds I got "Hey mom whats this?" "Hey mom look at that?" "What planet is that mom?"
I enjoyed every minute!! I love to see there faces when theyreally get into something. We are also talking about the different planets in our solar system this month and making a solar system. After that will be stars and constellations and using stick up glow in the dark stars to make some of our own constellations in the kids room. We hope to get a few decently dry days to do some star gazing too =-}


tdrowlee said...

Awesome! It looks like so much fun! And Little Miss is adorable... she's growing too fast!

Anonymous said...

Let me know how the "space food" goes over with them