Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today was such a fun day! We started off the day with a book club meeting. It was our first back since the holidays and the kids were so excited to see all there homeschool buddies! The kids drew pictures of there favorite part of the book and then we had lunch and discussed books for this year. The kids all had great suggestions for books and next months book is "Peter Pan". Everyone is excited to read all about Pan and the lost boys adventures! After Book club we headed to the library to pick up "Peter Pan" as well as to pick up my book club book for the next two months "Les Mis`erables". Its a monster of a book with around fourteen hundred pages!! This evening has been a fun one. We are missing Daddy tonight since he is working but decided to make the best of it and made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and watch Aladin together. Before bed Isaiah read scriptures to us all and we talked about repentance. Now the kidlets are in bed and I am enjoying some mom time. Ahhh the peaceful quiet!


tdrowlee said...

Oh Horray! Two posts in a row! My kids will be thrilled to see it when they get up!

Oh MY! Looking at that last picture with all 3 kids on the couch you can SEE they are related. They are so cute!


Hurry up and move back to the east coast! My nephews and niece are growing up too fast. It is so not fair mom comes to visit soon!

Anonymous said...

Wait a is WAY FAIR that mom gets to go! I worked really hard to find a geat deal on airline tickets and the trip is my reward!!!! ha ha