Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Few Homeschool pic's from this week.

This week for homeschool we are doing a unit study on the book "the Rag Coat". Its a great story about a family living in Appalachia. Papa is a coal minner who dies from "black lung" and to keep the family going Mama makes and sells quilts. In the story Minna wants to go to school but doesnt have a coat. The story tells about her very special coat and the reactions that her schoolmates have to it.

For art today the kids all made there own quilt square.Even Hannah had a good time taking scraps of paper and gluing them together.

Also this week Isaiah has written out vocabulary words and definitions pulled from the book.Justin is working on number and letter recognition so his handwriting was the numbers 10,11,12 and his name. Hannah enjoyed scribling away on her own paper!

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Anonymous said...

That looks like fun. Even I could finish that type of quilt.