Thursday, June 30, 2011

Homeschool Encouragement

We all need some encouragement sometimes. One of the ways I get homeschool encouragement is by seeking out other homeschool families.Specifically other homeschool moms that I can chat too,brainstorm with and even on the rare occasion whine too.

Another way I recharge my homeschool teacher battery is by going to a homeschool conference.Workshops full of encouragement,enlightenment and fun.Isle after isle of homeschool vendors and lets not forget to mention all the wonderful people you can run into. I got to attend our local homeschool conference just a few weeks ago with a sweet friend I have been getting to know better. Having that two days of emersion in everything homeschool was so Refreshing.

100_8517 See how happy and refreshed I look?!

If you find your homeschool battery is running low I’d encourage you to reach out to those around you.Make some time for yourself.Time to refocus and re-energize!

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