Monday, February 15, 2010

Charlotte Mason =0}

Yep thats what I said! Charlotte Mason! We have been homeschooling for a few years now and so of course I have heard of Charlotte Mason.Heard of her and her methods but never really studied about them or gave them much thought!Until now!

Like I mentioned in an earlier post plans for next year have been shaping up nicely.Shaping up, being rethought and then changed completely! LoL! I must say I love how God lets me plan and prepare and then he reminds me that He is the one leading this family and that I should really look to Him for the plan!

I’ve been researching science curriculums as of late .That was our first departure from “the plan”. I had planned on using unit studies solely for science and history this year! Well God knew better and He has been directing me towards a science curriculum!The curriculum I found that I like the best has a description on their website about how their curriculum is set up and why its set up the way it is. As they described the “living books” they use as well as narration and pages to make  a “science journal” I lit up! This is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to use! I’ve always been about using what I termed “real books” and not dry boring text books.The website goes on to say that these choices all came from, in general the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education…

What??? Charlotte Mason?? I’ve heard of that!!!Well that started it! I’ve been reading online everything I can find on Charlotte Mason and her philosophys and I LOVE IT! LoL! How could I have been homeschooling this long and Not realized it?? I am really excited to begin implementing some CM techniques in our homeschool and see the fruits that I know will come from it!

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