Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am on day two of the challenge and I have to say I am enjoying it! I got up and actually thought about what to do with me hair today and when I looked in the mirror I enjoyed seeing it up!Its not something I do often.
I'm surprised at how much what I am wearing has affected my mood today. I put on a simple jean skirt with a lavender sweater over top of a chocolaty brown tank top. I have felt very...feminine today! LoL I know that sounds silly considering that is the whole point of the challenge but I mean feminine in a broader sense of the word. I have gone about my usual tasks as house wife, mother and teacher like usual. But I have FELT differently about them! I have enjoyed feeling womanly and serving my family in those roles that I have. I like this feeling!
I am also pleased to find that I can still do all my daily routines like laundry and baby care without feeling hindered by wearing a skirt! I am as comfortable in my skirt as I was in my jeans!

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