Friday, February 5, 2010

My pride and joy part 2 of 4

This is a picture I TRIED to take of our second son Justin.It is certainly a telling picture. He is a shy one. He wont utter a word if he doesn't know you. That was proven by his silence the two days he was in the hospital with pneumonia!He would not speak a word to the nurses or the doctors.After the first day he was so fed up with people poking and prodding and talking to him that he wouldn't even look at them!!

This second picture is another good representation of our second son. He is his Dad's replica 100%!His dark brown eyes are what I notice the most.He is also one of the silliest boys I know(hence the temporary tattoo right in the middle of his forhead!) and I mean that in a good way!The thing I fell in love with the most about my husband is his sense of humor.Justin has taken after his dad there too.He can always make me smile and laugh no matter my mood. He is such a blessing in our family going about spreading giggles,laughs and love.
He is a thinker who is not afraid to ask questions. It never fails after church on Sundays he always has something new too tell me that he learned during class and usually a question or two to go along =-}
When we were expecting Justin people constantly asked if we were hoping for a girl because then we would "have one of each". But I cant even express how much joy it has been to have "our boys". I would never change it!

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