Friday, February 12, 2010


Today Isaiah wanted his picture taken with mom but Hannah decidedly did not! =-}
I usually flat iron my hair and today I decided to let it be curly and to use a barrete in it. I really liked it! I have decided now that I have hair long enough I'd like to learn how to do more things with it. I wore one of my favorite skirts. Its such a pretty color and very comfortable! I got it at Old Navy for a great price too! I paired it with a white tank top and sweater over top.
We have been staying in the house the past several days due to the snow but today I ventured out! I was pleased to find that even though it was snowy and wet I had no problems getting around in my skirt.The other nice thing I noticed is that because I felt like I looked nice I was more friendly and outgoing to people I came in contact with.

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mommyx12 said...

Good for you taking that challenge. I too am trying to go down that road. My girls love wearing dresses and have no problem but me, oh my. It just doesn't come naturally but I wanted to change that with my own children and all 9 of our girls love dresses. Hope to get their someday. SOON