Saturday, February 13, 2010

Planning for next year!

I am sure that I am not the only homeschool mom that is planning for next year already. I really enjoy the planning phase of homeschool! Looking at all the great books, projects, websites and curriculums is one of my favorite ways to spend my childrens nap time!Most of my Non homeschooling friends thing I’m either totally weird or a real nerd! I tell them I’m both and thats ok with me =-}

Whats been on my mind lately is science. I enjoy certain areas of science. I love to study animals and nature. My oldest Isaiah(8) loves science too! His mind though tends towards more the technology,robotics and physics…yeah I’m kinda clueless with all of that!After thinking and praying about this I knew that  the best route to go was to follow my sons interest not mine. I know if I help him to really get into and study the sciences he loves then he will learn and grow so much this year.

Now that thats been decided our next step was to find a science curriculum that will work well for us this year. After a fairly long look around I’ve narrowed things down and have found two resources  I am considering using this year. The first is Noeo science: physics level1. It is a curriculum I found that uses a Charlotte Mason philosophy with living books, narration and not to mention some cool hands on experiments! For anyone interested you can find that HERE!

The other thing I am considering buying is a Lego Education WeDo robotics set. These just look plain awesome!!With all the things needed to build and program robots. Check them out HERE! This is right up my sons alley and I know he would have a blast and learn SO much!!!  If anyone has used either of these I’d love to hear what you thought and I’d love to hear what your  all doing for science this coming year!!


Tristan said...

As you know, I've not used either, but here are my thoughts after checking both out:
1. Do you want to focus exclusively on robotics next year or have a bit of variety available?
2. How important to you are the living books - becuase robotics doesn't provide any.

I would probably go with the NOEO Physics. I think....

ChristinaB said...

I am actually considering Bdoing BOTH! Yikes!!The cost s a bit prohibitive to do both but I know I coul just let hm go on his own with the robotics.Then as a family we can do the Noeo!=-}We will see!!

Tristan said...

Haha! I made sure not to suggest that, but since you mentioned it - yes, both could be great. Maybe buy one (robotics) as a present for a birthday/baptism/etc?