Thursday, February 18, 2010

The way we homeschool

I have decided to join in doing the weekly wrap up at Kris’ blog weird unsocialized homeschoolers.Check her out HERE .Before I post my first weekly wrap up I thought I would post about the “typical” homeschool stuff that goes on in our house. We have one son who is “officially” schooling.For him we use saxon math2. I am not a big math person and luckily my son gets math fairly easily!I honestly think he would do fine with any math curricula I gave him(lucky me)!The other math resource we use is an online program called mathletics.I plan on doing a post soon all about mathletics so I wont describe it here for you.Suffice it to say my son asks to do mathletics EVERY SINGLE DAY!You can check the program out for yourself HERE.

I’ll group language arts all together.For spelling we use all about spelling which I LOVE! I have learned a good bit from it actually! It teaches the kids the “why” behind how we spell. We also use a free online grammar resource called English Grammar 101.Its a no frills program but effective. My son gets on the computer and clicks on his next lesson. The top of the lesson has a prompt introducing the new concept or reviewing the last concept. Then there are twenty phrases or sentences for your child to read and find the grammar concept covered for that lesson.We also read books..lots of books! I believe that reading to our children aloud is very important, not to mention fun! I dont care if your child is 2 or 12 they can all benefit from read alouds.

Our faith is a huge part of our life as well.We study the scriptures daily reading and reviewing sometimes a verse and sometimes a few chapters.We work on memorizing favorite verses simply by reading them daily.We also have started something new. We are working on learning hymns. We just picked our first hymn from our churches hymnal.We talked about the hymn, read the words and then sang the hymn and will sing it every day till we have learned it.We also have weekly family nights. We call this Family Home Evening (FHE). This is a night each week that we dont have any outside activities.We have gospel centered lessons, play games, have snacks and talk over any family issues we may be having at the time.

For everything else we do unit studies.This is the basic overview of things. Any given week we may throw in a field trip, scouts, family outings or any number of other things =-} Homeschooling is our way of life and everything we do is all wrapped up into that and you know we wouldnt have it any other way!

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legendswife said...

my husband and i just began having fhe with our family about six mos ago. it is such a blessing:)