Sunday, February 21, 2010

The military changes things

Being an army family affects every aspect of our life. It affects  where we live, when we are together, when we are apart, how often we can see our extended family and our homeschool.

I have been thinking a lot about that last one in particular lately. Right now myself and my four kiddos are living in a little apartment in our hometown.My darling soldier is deployed to Iraq. We have been blessed to be able to be homeschooling near our cousins who also homeschool.My sister and brother in law and their five children live about 10 minutes down the street =0} We have been able to have some really fun times together during this homeschool year.

In just a few months the kids and I are heading back to the Pacific Northwest in preparation for Dad to come home.We can’t wait for him to get back and are very excited for the move! The issue I am having is the fact that after much prayer and planning I have decided to switch up the way we do some of our homeschooling.New curricula must be bought, the next level of some of the ones we currently use as well. I’d love to start implementing some of the new techniques I am interested in too,BUT the more I buy right now the more I have to pay to ship in four months to our new home! =0} So the question is do I put things off and begin our new ventures once we have moved or do I order away, start now and pay for shipping later??

I hate knowing that there are changes I want to make and just sitting around not making them. Then again my practical side tells me that paying shipping for the new products ONCE is enough..what is a Army wife to do!?

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Anonymous said...

From the practical vote would be to wait. are in charge