Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The flexibility of homeschooling

 I had a full day of school planned today. Religious studies, grammar,math and spelling too. On top of all that I planned to exercise, bake two cakes with the kids (which you know takes twice as long as doing it yourself), allow boys to decorate said cakes AND attend a Blue and Gold banquet for scouts…100_4947

Well the day actually ended up looking more like this..Baked cakes, grammar, feeding baby and bathing all four kids, exercising, decorating cakes, talking to dad on the computer and attending the banquet.100_4951

The wonderful thing is the kids learned and things were accomplished =0) I know that because homeschooling is part of our way of life that we can just go with the flow of what comes and not stress over something we may have “missed”. There is always time to do that lesson tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

The cakes looked wonderful! They did a great job!