Friday, February 12, 2010

My pride and joy part 4of 4

Alyssa is my fourth little blessing. She came to us a bit differently than the other three. After our oldest Isaiah was born we didnt feel the urge to have another baby till he was around one or so.Justin didnt actually come for a whole nother two years. It took us over a year to get pregnant with him.He did eventually come though.After He came we actually thought we might be done having children.But around the time our little guy was turning one we knew we would want another.Hannah's coming was a bit delayed due to my dear hubby being deployed. =-} Being half a world apart does make baby making a bit difficult!

But eventually we did get our Hannah and at this point my hubby was SURE he was done having kids! Three was plenty for him. At this point I didnt much mind his declaration of "being done" because hey I never feel that baby urge till the littlest is around a year...Well goes to show what I know! Hehehe I very VERY clearly remember sitting at church holding my 1 month old little girl,let me repeat 1 MONTH old little girl and I got this feeling like we were going to have another baby. The following Sunday I sat in church holding Hannah and I got the strongest impression of the spirit I have ever felt in my life.My baby had a sibling coming and not just a sibling but a sister. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a little girl up in heaven waiting to come to our family. I sat and I just cried and cried.After several weeks of this I spoke up to my husband about it.I knew that convincing him to have a fourth child would be interesting especially when we had a two month old in the house.

Now here is the wonderful part.The part that for some reason I didnt expect. God spoke to him too =-} I told my husband how I was feeling and within a month he had agreed that we could go ahead and try for number four, even though our youngest was but 3 months old at that point. So my Alyssa is a very special lady.The Lord put her in our family at a very specific time and in a very specific way. Having her has by far been the easiest transition to a new baby! She is content most all the time.She is happy to be held and just as happy to hang out on the floor watching her siblings comings and goings too.

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