Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I loved this picture today taken by my oldest son Isaiah(8).My younger son Justin felt the need to get in on the action even though he was NOT feelin' feminine today hehehe! Hannah is so sweet in this pink dress and warm white tights. It still is interesting to me how she naturally gravitates towards feminine clothes.She has tons of pants in her drawers and wont wear a single pair lately!
Today I am wearing a comfy and warm long sleeve shirt. I love the deep maroon color. I also am wearing another jean skirt. I love jean skirts. They are comfortable and durable and I can wear any sort of shirt with them! My feminine wardrobe has been on my mind lately because it is honestly VERY limited! I have two jean skirts and an orangy colored skirt I wore day one of the challenge. Then I have these two skirts, a maroon one and a "camel" colored one that were given to me and I don't have a single shirt to match them!LoL! I don't think any woman needs a big closet full of clothes but I do think I need to expand my measly feminine wardrobe!I hope to achieve my goal of learning to sew this year and then will be able to make myself as many skirts as I choose =-}

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