Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Your homeschooling? Well you’ll put them back in school eventually, right?

I still remember telling our family that we were going to homeschool. Several of the reactions surprised me.Some of the family that I thought would be unsupportive was wonderful and understanding.Others had negative comments that truly shocked me! I wanted to share one of the funnier reactions I got.

Self to family member(FM): Yep Isaiah is getting to be school aged now. We plan on keeping him home and homeschooling him.

FM: You plan on doing what??

Self: Homeschool, you know teaching him at home.

FM:Oh..hhmm well you’ll send him to school once he is older right?

Self: Well actually we would like to homeschool clear through high school.

FM: High home? Is that even legal???

Hahaha that always seems so funny to me =0) This particular family member really thought I had lost my mind I think! Especially the question about it being legal! Hahaha I love it! Seriously though we have been very fortunate to have a lot of family support. I have talked to other homeschoolers who not only have to struggle with their own worries and insecurities in the early days of homeschooling but also some serious disapproval from their families.  The reason I like blogging so much is that we all can find support and encouragement from like minded people =0) I know I have found so much  of both from the blogs I have found and I hope that I can share some of that with others who find my blog.

I know that I said I wouldn't be blogging whilst my hubby is here but I found a spare moment so I wanted to share what was on my mind =0) To end the post here is a picture of my darling love and us all back together!

100_5148 do you see the look of pure bliss on my face?100_5130

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Silvia said...

That's a good post, and a wonderful pic. Congrats on finally having your dh with you and the boys.