Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Charlotte knew what she was talking about!

Charlotte Mason that is!! Today the kids and I were able to get out for an impromptu nature study! In other words it was so nice out we decided to go for a walk! LoL Its 54 degrees out today, sunny and just beautiful!

As I observed my kids I realized that Charlotte sure got this idea right! I enjoyed so much hearing the thoughts and idea’s the kids shared with me while we walked. One of the first things out of Isaiahs(8) mouth was “I love God SO much!” I kinda laughed and  said “Yeah me too, but why do you say that?” His reply “Because He made all of this and its beautiful!” Hannah(2) discover the ducks today and how they swam in the water. She kept saying “quack, quack. Duck say quack!”

It was really fun to see how different each of my kids is. Isaiah(8) is the slower, methodical type. He would walk around watching everything, walking a little ways ahead of me but always coming back to tell me what he discovered. Justin(5) he’s a whole different sorta guy! He is NOT a trail guy at all! He ventured off the trail for 95% of the time running down to see the ducks and  through what little snow was left along the trail. I was very pleased with myself that although my first instinct was to call him back, I didn't. I waited and I watched and although Justin ran ahead most of the time he never once went what I felt was too far.He reined himself in. Hannah(2) was in the middle today. She was somewhat tentative but as she watched Justin venture out she slowly followed. Always staying close to me but going just a bit ahead or a little off the trail =0)

Its amazing how much we can learn about nature and our kids on a nature walk =0)


legendswife said...

I love nature walks. I love to see my children's face light up at God's creation. It's wonderful:)Here, it has been bitterly(literally..lol)cold in Minnesota.

God Bless

All American x5 said...

I love Nature and the joy, learning, and beauty it brings to our family.

Sounds like a wonderful day indeed!

I love that Charlotte Mason book I recently discovered as well. Man, If I had only found it a little sooner. Oh Well, the Lord knows what he's doing even if I don't.

Have a great evening!

Rachel said...

That sounds like a wonderful day -- and way to go mom, on letting him venture off without calling him back! I fight those impulses all the time - sometimes I win and give myself a mental high five, and others, well, I know CMers everywhere would be shaking their heads in disapproval, LOL!

And I think it is always a sign that Mama is doing something right when they -- on their own -- spontaneously see God in creation AND thank Him for it! Good Job!