Saturday, March 13, 2010

A little break

I am sitting here tonight a bundle of nervous energy. I really should be in bed but the sleep isn't coming. My hubby who has been deployed for the past seven months will be home tomorrow =0)

I just wanted to put a quick post up here to let everyone know I’ll probably be off the computer for the next two weeks while my hubby is here. I will have tons to post about after his leave ends though! I hope the next few weeks are as blissful for all of you as they will be for me! =0)


crazy4boys said...

Have fun!!! As a military wife I completely understand your excitement and need to spend time as a family. I appreciate the sacrifice you and your husband make for this country.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time!

Tristan said...

I'll be sure to come visit every day while he is here.

Hahaha. Just kidding. I promise to only visit when you come to my house or call and ask me to bring over the kids to play. Maybe a trip to the zoo or the Works should happen?