Friday, March 5, 2010

To conference or not to conference

Yes that's right. Conference season is approaching. Some of us love it, some of us hate it and some of us just don’t know what to think!

Well I happen to LOVE homeschool conferences! They are a great place to check out new products and get inspired by other homeschoolers. After attending several conferences I have two bits of advice for you! Doing these two things  helps me to be uplifted by the end of the conference instead of being overwhelmed and drained!

First: Go with a plan! You do NOT want to walk into an exhibitors hall with hundreds of people trying to sell you there stuff without a plan! Do your research ahead of time.Have an idea of the curriculums and products you really want to check out. Without a plan you can quickly get overwhelmed and might miss out on some really wonderful stuff.You might also come home with tons of fabulous new stuff and none of the essentials you were really needing!

Secondly: For goodness sakes set a budget and bring CASH!! There are so many wonderful homeschool  products out there and it would be SO easy to just keep spending and spending! So do yourself and your wallet a favor and leave the debit card at home!

I hope this helps for any of you who have yet to attend your first conference!

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Tristan said...

You forgot one of my favorite tips - go with your sister or mom, let the kids and dad stay home!