Thursday, March 4, 2010

Educating Ourselves

When ever we are talking about homeschooling with non-homeschoolers we usually give them the rundown of what we feel are the benefits of homeschooling. One thing that I don’t think I have ever mentioned  or even really thought much about until recently is the fact that WE learn so much =0)

I went to public school. I got decent grades and had a decent time. BUT I didn’t retain  much of what I learned and I view my public education more as a hindrance than a help. Homeschooling my kids has given me what I was missing in my own education. I LOVE to learn! I have a passion for learning! I love to read. I love to share what I’m learning and MOST of my friends, ok all my NON homeschooling friends think I’m a total nerd =0) and I think its great!

This passion for learning has come from several different things I think. One is that I want to provide my kids with the best education I can. I can’t do that if I’m not learning and growing and sharing with them. I also am so insipred by you other homeschool parents out there! Homeschoolers are just the coolest people!! I think a good education is contagious. I cant help but see my kids learning and enjoying themselves and want to learn and enjoy too.


Amy in Peru said...

I ABSOLUTELY agree! It is the BEST thing about homeschooling! And I'm just another one of the students! seriously. not only on the academic level, but the spiritual level and practical level as well. I think that helps keep things in perspective in the area of humility too. I'm learning about history, nature study and the composers. But I am also learning to walk with my Savior and to replace bad habits with their more wholesome counterparts. Just like my kids are. SO. like I said... I very much agree with you!! :)

Amy in Peru said...

oh and we are missionaries in peru... and I should be writing a post on that VERY soon here:

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sorry so short, and for expecting you to do all the work... ;)

amy in peru

Carol said...

fully agree with you on this

3 years ago I was confused to hear mothers say, "I have learned so much by homeschooling."

Now I get it.