Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A “typical” Day

I really enjoy reading about what life is like for other families. How does homeschooler X handle there toddler while trying to teach there older ones math lesson, how Does Mrs. Y keep the house clean, Etc. So I thought today I would post a typical day. Now I use the word typical loosely of course. Every day is different, no two days are the same. Here was our “typical Tuesday”

Today I did NOT get up at 5:30 and excersise which is a goal I have set for myself. The early morning has always been rough for me! So I woke up around 7:30 to my eight year old saying “hey Mom I am going to turn on a show,ok?” And YES I did let him! I happen to have one early bird in my house and I dont mind a show first thing in the morning. As I roll over to go back to sleep I hear the coo’s of my baby Alyssa. I roll back over to face the crib and tell her good morning. Her grins are instant and start my day off much better than the stinking alarm would have at 5:30! Once Alyssa and I head down the stair the other two Justin(5) and Hannah(2) come down the stairs.

Today Hannah and I both had an appointment in the morning. So we all had breakfast and I got all dressed and presentable while the kids watched a show. After I was  dressed and ready I thought about starting a bit of school work..thought about it but didnt actually do it! LoL! My book was calling to me and so for the hour before we had to leave the kiddos played while I read. Then we all headed to Aunt Ti-ti’s house. The boys and the baby stayed there to play with their five cousins while Hannah and I went to our appointment. Nothing exciting there. I did find out that my iron is STILL low…I guess I really should start taking those iron pills the doc prescribed =0)

All the kids got a special treat today. Grandma bought Mcdonalds on her lunch hour and brought it to Aunt Ti-ti’s house! Bless Grandma! Mom didnt have to cook lunch *happy momma dance*. After lunch the kids and I headed home and the second we walked in the door daddy was messaging us on the computer. For those who may not know my DH is deployed currently and so we talk on the computer most days. We spent the next 1/2 hour chatting with Daddy about all the goings on of the week.Hannah told daddy all about seeing the doctor and mommys “oww”. She thought the fact that I had to get my finger pricked was just terrible =0) Once we got off the computer with Dad it was quiet time. In our house EVERYONE age 2 to 18 has a mandatory hour in there room.They can play quietly on there bed with a toy, read a book or color a picture. They may NOT come out and they may NOT harass momma during this time =0) I use this time differently depending on the day. I may read,nap,chat on the phone, plan the weeks lessons, write a blog post or nap myself. All in all a great time of the day!

Today Miss Hannah fell asleep in quiet time so when the hour was up the boys came down stairs and we started our school work for the day. First is what I call religious studies. We sing the hymn we are working on as a family and practice the scripture verses we are memorizing. As well as pick up where we left off on our scripture reading the day before. After that Alyssa(3months) was ready for a bottle so Isaiah hopped on the computer to do his daily grammar lesson and Justin sat with me and chatted. After our baby break I introduced our new science unit “our body”. We read in Genesis about Gods creation of man. We colored pictures of ourselves and  talked about how humans are one of the most complex organisms on the Earth and how that shows us that God loves us. He put so much thought and love in to the designing of us and that is truly an amazing thing.Giving the boys a brief overview of what we would be covering brought us around to the most interesting topic of Poop.Yes I said poop. They are boys after all!

Soon after this Hannah got up and dinner needed made. The kiddos helped make dinner we had some really yummy soup!We have spent the  rest of our evening vegging out, playing  and enjoying each others company in general.We had a few brotherly spats today and an instance or two of two year old tantruming but all in all it was a good day. At this moment Alyssa is asleep in her crib and the “olders” are all preparing to head the same way =0)

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All American x5 said...

I too love seeing or reading about how other homeschoolers spend their days.

I enjoyed the read and everyday is so different it is amazing!

I have two boys and then a little girl. Oh how different the topics are in our house. Yes the boys love talking about all things gross and most of all bodily functions.

Have a great week!