Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lessons Learned From The Classics


Is it just me or are the books today in general a bunch of junk?Don’t get me wrong I enjoy some brain candy!I like to read a book just for fun! I have several Christian romance novels that I love to snuggle up with on a cold day. These fun reads and good books are no were near as uplifting though as some of the classics I have been reading! It seems to me that in the past you got so many more lessons and so much more morals and values in your books.

I started reading The Swiss Family Robinson to my kids a few weeks ago and was SHOCKED and pleased to read the Mothers assurance of God watchfulness and the family praying together in the first couple pages. If that kind of thing is in a book now adays it has to be labeled a religious book and put in a special section!Throughout Swiss Family the parents teach their children about faith,hard work and avoiding laziness.Boy we could use more books like this today!

I just yesterday started reading Little Women and it is chock full of the same types of  lessons! A particular favorite part of mine is Jo weeping to her mother about her horrible temper. This is the advice that Marmee gives Jo

Watch and pray,dear,never get tired of trying,and never think it is impossible to conquer your fault.”

You don't here the child justifying her fault.You don’t read Marmee excusing her daughters sin either.She lovingly encourages her daughter to over come her worse nature.  We need more of this in our books today. I am now on the hunt for more books classics or other with such good lessons for me and my kids.

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Anonymous said...

We are reading The Swiss Family Robinson right now and love it!