Saturday, December 11, 2010

I REALLY don’t like the mall

We tend to be homebodies.Not going out too many places.The grocery store,friends houses,the aquarium places like that are all fine with me. The one place however that I just can’t stand is the MALL!

I went last night to get my hair cut.The salon I go to happens to be in the mall.It had been a good while since I had last been there and I really didn't think much of it. Until I got there that is! Ladies strutting around in stilettos and   pants so tight they look painted on.Guys with the waist band of there pants belted BELOW there rear ends.Stores full of three hundred dollar purses and any other ridiculously expensive thing you could want. This description aside the thing that happened really surprised me.I started to feel envious!

Generally I feel just fine about who I am and what I have. I am very laid back and tend to wear jeans/jean skirts a lot.With any number of t-shirts. The  cute high heels that used to grace my terribly cute feet were traded for not so terribly cute flats about two children ago and my purse cost about fifteen bucks at Target. These are all facts about myself I hardly ever think about.UNTIL I walk into the mall.I look at my brown cabalas' t shirt and tennis shoes next to the pretty blonde in a pencil skirt and heels and I feel like a shlumpy old housewife.  I begin to drool over the shiny purses and the hundred dollar makeup that promises to make me look like a super model. Reality hits and I realize that I not only don't look like these women but I honestly couldn't afford to either! What a depressing place to let myself be! Earlier this very day I felt perfectly content with the clothes,accessories and life I had.So how did this one short trip into the mall make me feel so negative?

I leave the mall and come home to my adorable kids,loving husband and comfortable home and immediately all of those negative feelings and worldy desires are gone. But I am left to sit and wonder why the feeling of discontent had come upon me at all? I would like to think I am past such things. Besides I know what is really important and I am truly happy beyond belief with my life. I suppose we all at times have that weakness in us.


Tristan said...

I hate the mall too. Honestly, the worst part to me is the fact that I see pretty clothing that simply won't fit me and look nice. If I try it on (if they even have my size) it certainly won't look pretty. I feel dumpy too. I don't think so much about how pretty/skinny others look but really hate that I feel like there is no point to even trying on any clothes at the mall. Ugh.

And so I avoid the mall like the plague.

All American x5 said...

I hate the mall also!!

Give me a thrift store baby and I will make the most out of my money!!

I also get my hair done at the mall maybe twice a year and I also feel those things and it is always a reminder for me to say a few extra prayers because I am so blessed beyond words.

Glad I am not the only one who feels that way:)

ChristinaB said...

It is good to know I'm not the onlu one who feels this way sometimes ;0)

Anonymous said...

Well, let me say (since I know the ages of two of you) that those feelings are something that continues through the years (at least my 49 of them). The thing to always remember is that you are a royal daughter of God, who loves you just the way you are. All of the things in the world would not make you loved more. They would not make you more beautiful in any way that counts. Count your blessings and you will find that you have all you need, and none of them came from the mall.

Mallory said...

Oh, the mall. Really, the clothes in the mall that are stylish (and not frumpy mom clothes) won't fit me. Guess that means I'm a frumpy mom! Well...I do love Motherhood Maternity. (Even 3 1/2 months postpartum, I'm still in maternity clothes!) I definitely don't go to the mall unless I have to...and usually I don't have to.

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some comment love! :D