Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Greece to Rome

Today has been an exciting homeschool day! I love those days when everything seems to go right :0) I like to blog about them so that on those days where nothing seems to go right I can look back and remember hahaha!

Today Hannah (our preschooler) and I sat down with her new Melissa & Doug Alphabet puzzle book to work on the letters and their sounds.To my great thrill Hannah knows a lot of the sounds.A lot more than I realized she knows :0) and that's ALWAYS exciting for a homeschool momma.

Isaiah worked on his multiplication on mathletics(a wonderful online math program) and his cursive writing.The cursive is coming really easily for Isaiah and I am glad we waited till now to start it.

Justin also did some great work in math today.It was a review day not a new lesson day.I gave him number cards through 20 to put in order. Up till now the teens have been a big grey area for him.Mostly guess work as to where each went. Today he got all but two of them in order on his own.

Its very exciting  to see my children grow and learn and accomplish their work. Being a part of it all is the best thing too. I love introducing new ideas and concepts to them and working with them on each.

Today was also the end of our Ancient Greece unit study.In the morning we sat down and put together their books they have been working on.It was a great way to review all we have done the past 8 weeks. In the afternoon we help our Olympic games! There was a wide range of events from chariot races(on scooters) to the long jump and princess twirling competition!Here is a picture of the proud Olympians!


It was such a fun way to end the unit.I will spend the rest of this week getting the final plans set and then we are off to Ancient Rome :0)

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