Thursday, July 8, 2010

When do I get a nap??

I am pretty exhausted! In the last month I have packed up my apartment,moved to my moms for a week, drove in the car for four and a half days and unpacked and set up a new house!All with my four kids in tow!  Aaahhh the joys of Army life!! It truly has been a long but exciting and satisfying month though. The kiddos and I have moved back to Washington in preparation for my dear hubby to get home from his year long deployment!Super exciting!

I am lucky enough to have an amazing family. My sister and brother in law hauled and shipped seven huge boxes of stuff to my new house for me, my step dad let me and the four kiddos invade his house for the week proceeding the move and my mom Bless her heart drove from Ohio to Washington with me and helped me set my new house up when we got to Washington!

We are enjoying settling in now, we got to celebrate the fourth with some great Army friends here in Washington and today I got to order all our school stuff for next year!!! I’ll post more about that and our plans for school later on this week! I hope everyone else is having an exciting (but less stressed) month!

100_6228 Hannah day 1 of the trip100_6230  comfy hotel bed100_6245 all of us in some state!100_6293 Our new house :)

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Tristan said...

Naps are for babies and pregnant women...heheh! So no nap for you!

Well, okay, if you can convince the kids I say go for it. Naps are wonderful.