Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spontaneous learning

We are currently still on summer break here. After I looked back over the day though I realized how much learning goes on without me doing any teaching :) While I fed the baby this morning my son Isaiah asked me to look at a few books with him. He brought over two Eyewitness books. One about castles and one about knights(history anyone?) Later in the day Justin pulled down the letter magnets on the fridge and asked me if I could spell “fart” (yep he is ALL boy). That started a game between he and I to give each other words to spell.Check spelling and reading off the list! We all sat down for a game of Uno next.Hannah(almost 3) kept telling us what color our cards were.Yippee for color recognition!The only thing I actually instigated was the math for Isaiah. I asked him to do a math worksheet with me to brush up for the start of school next month. He happily sat and did that and said he was glad he remembered how to do it all since we had taken the summer off for our move :)

I love days like this. It helps me realize that our children are natural learners.The things they can learn when we help them and don't hinder them are really limitless!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day. And I agree, they will learn all kinds of great things if we just let them.

Smita Srivastava said...

Hello- jus came here thru google while serching for -
“Eyewitness books Ancient Egypt”
Loved ur previous post on school planning n cookie baking !!!

- Smita
( Food Ideas for picky eaters )