Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekly wrap-the catch up version!

I haven't done a weekly wrap up in a good while! I definitely want to get back to it now that we are (mostly) settled into our new home.The planning,packing and preparing for a cross country move is pretty overwhelming.Then once you get to your destination you have the unpacking,sorting,organizing and settling to do!

Its been a good week this week. The most fun part has been getting all our new curriculum in the mail!We have had a delivery every day for the last 4 days! Super exciting! Every day that a new one came in I would sit down and plan out the first two months worth of lessons for that subject.I am really making progress. Spelling,math and science are planned. I am currently working on History, artist study and composer study.We have tow boys homeschooling this year so in some subjects thats twice the lesson plans to prepare compared to last year.We do try to combine them as much as possible though and that helps! I am also trying to plan some preschool things for my daughter. I am honestly not usually big into “doing preschool”.I usually feel its best to just let them play BUT I know my Hannah and if I hope to get anything done with the boys I am going to need some planned games and activities that she can do while we are working on school! Nothing major really just games,puzzles,playdoh,sorting toys.Anything like that to keep her occupied and involved.

We have really enjoyed getting back into the army lifestyle this past few weeks having been MIA for the year.I tell you the military life and civilian life really are two totally different worlds! We had a bunch of friends over for lunch on Wednesday. We had four moms(all army wives) and nine kids ranging from eight down. By the end of the day all my kiddos were exhausted! There are three of us ladies whose husbands are coming home from there deployment in the next twelve days.The general excitement and planning has been so wonderful.

Other than that its been a fairly calm week here. I am finding my energy levels are just not normal right now. I’m not sure if that's due to some hormonal/chemical thing or if its simply the stress/excitement of the  big move and my hubby coming home. I’ve started taking a daily multivitamin and am trying desperately to find the energy to exercise because I know it will help!Wish me luck with that!!

I hope everyone else is having a good week! Next week hopefully I’ll have some pictures to post too.I just need to find my camera!!Hahahaha!


Kara said...

Don't you love those box days?! We had a bunch come in last week and the rest should arrive next week! I've got to get cracking on getting it organized and ready! Smart mama to plan ahead for your preschooler...they always want to be so involved and "doing school" too! I started back doing one on one preschool with my 4 yr old this week so we'll be in a routine before the older ones get going again and she's LOVING having my undivided attention for 20 minutes or so each morning!

All American x5 said...

Sounds like so much fun.

You should check out file folder games for the little one! They are awesome! They are free at (I think), you just have to register.

Good luck and that is truly awesome the hubby is coming home! YEAH!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't find my camera either. It is there somewhere....but where. Vitamins are good! I have started takeing them faithfully every morning.