Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Homeschool Momma!

I am such a happy momma today! I have ordered most of our homeschool “things” for this year and I received emails today from ALL of them telling me they have been shipped :) I LOVE this time of year!!

Its also super exciting because this year we are officially homeschooling TWO. Isaiah is 8 almost 9 and starting “3rd grade” and now Justin who is 5 almost 6 is starting “kindergarten”. Now to be honest we don't really follow the grade levels. We just work were ever the kids are at.

For history this year we are doing Ancient civilizations. I got several really cool books at the homeschool conference this year and ordered Susan Wise Bauer’s “Story of the World Volume 1 Ancient times”. If any of you aren't familiar with Charlotte Mason you may not be familiar with the term “book of centuries”.This is basically a notebook/binder/timeline you put together in chronological order with important dates/events/people of the different centuries.We will be making a Family book of centuries this year. One thing I am really excited about is fitting together in my own mind world history with biblical history. I honestly have NO concept whatsoever where this is concerned. You know when X,Y and Z where happening in the world what exactly was going on in the bible at the time. I am looking forward to learning about all of that.

Science is a big spending area this year for us. For the whole family we ordered Noeo Science physics level 1. It looks like a really fun program and is affordable in and of itself. So what's the big cost exactly? Well we are also buying a Lego WeDo robotics kit and software. This will be for Isaiah alone.He is SUPER into robotics and constantly tells me how he wants to make a “real working” robot. The cost is a bit of a stretch for our family BUT I just know that if I can get the right info into this guys brain that he will learn SO much and take it SO far.To me that's worth any amount of money!

Those are just a few of the new resources that are zooming across the country headed for my door as I type!! I tell you its almost as good as Christmas!!!


Tristan said...

Oh be honest - it's better than Christmas! I love when the boxes start arriving.

All American x5 said...

I have an award for you over at Visit soon to retrieve it!