Thursday, July 15, 2010

Planning away

The UPS man has visited my house the last three days in a row! I LOVE this time of year :) As each new curricula has made its way to my door I have been sitting down with a new resource (well new to me anyhow). Homeschool tracker. Homeschool tracker is a computer program that helps you track attendance,progress,assignments and more for multiple students. The best part?Its FREE! That's right you read that correctly its FREE!  If you go to their website HERE you can read all about it. There are two versions to look at. The “basic version” which is free as well as the “plus addition” that you can purchase. I don't know what they have added to the plus addition but I love the basic addition and don't see any need to pay for any more extras!

I received our science curricula yesterday Noeo science physics level 1. It was really fun to go  through the books and experiment kits and just get excited for the coming years science! Then I sat down at my computer and put in the lesson number and assignment for the first two months of school onto homeschool tracker :) now each day (or week) all I have to do is hop on my computer,click on the day and it brings up all the kids assignments and lessons for the day! Again I must say I LOVE it!

I hope everyone's homeschool planning is going well and your homeschool year if you are already into it!!

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All American x5 said...

I love when the UPS man comes knocking on our door holding new stuff for us!

I have planned one child and only two more to go! Ugh! Not much time left.

Have fun!