Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blogger award Thanks!

I just received the versatile blogger award from the sweet blogger over at All American Family. Wanna see it?


Now I’m supposed to tell you all seven things about me when accepting this award. Hhhmm let me think.. ok

1. I LOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream

2.I refuse to clean my bathrooms and  my hubby loves me enough to  do it when he is home :)

3. I have been known to ignore my husband and children for a good book on occasion idea of a great Friday night is popcorn and disney movies with the Fam.

5.My favorite scripture is John 14:27 (read it its a good one!)

6. I have DOUBLE the number of children my parents had.

7. I have moved 8 times in the last 7 years!

There you are! Now you all know a little more about me!

Now I get to pass this award on to 13 blogs that I enjoy So here we go!

1.Almost Unschoolers

2. Jenna@feminine farm girl

3.A joyful chaos

4.musings of a mommy bee

5.Regan family farm

6.Romantic history

7.The blessings of modern domestication

8.the fantastic five

9.The legacy of home

10.Weird, unsocialized homeschoolers

11.Confessions of a homeschooler

12.Latter Day homeschooling

13.Raising olives



Kris @ WUHS and Eclipsed said...

Thanks, Christine!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Christine! I almost didn't recognize your blog! You've given it a makeover. It looks great! Thanks again.

Mrs. White said...

Thanks so much!!!

Mrs. White
The Legacy of Home

All American x5 said...

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream too!

Have a great day!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I agree with your idea of great Friday fun.

Thanks so much for the award!

Confessions Of A Homeschooler said...

Hi, thanks so much for thinking of me! Your blog looks wonderful!

Wonder Mom said...

ROCK ON! What a WONDERFUL surprise...I REALLY appreciate it!

Rebecca said...

cool thanks for the award, I just got around to doing this!! Good to know you a bit more :-)