Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekly wrap up Math,Scouts and the Zoo!

Another wonderful week of life and school done. On the school front we got several things done. Math this week was pretty simple and fun for both the boys. We played games. Go fish with numbers,war and some fun online games too. Reading/writing/English was another nice relaxed week. My oldest Isaiah is into Harry Potter. So I had him write a paper telling me about his favorite Harry Potter book. He worked on that for a few days and he proof read,spell checked and made the final draft today.  Our younger son Justin is just beginning to read. We used the letter  tiles we have from All About Spelling to play a reading/spelling game with both boys. With Justin I would put a word up on the board. He would read the word and get  1 chocolate chip and 1 mini marshmallow. I would give Isaiah a word to spell on the board and if he got it right he got 1 chocolate chip and 1 mini marshmallow =0)


I have found that in our home sweets are a good motivator *grin* not to often though of course!

We have been working on Isaiah’s scout requirements for getting his wolf. We learned a lot about taking care of the environment. We read three interviews of different environmentalist and conservationist  from national geographic kids,picked up litter in our neighborhood and went recycling with Grandpa. In another one of the requirement area’s we went over the food guide pyramid, planned healthy meals for the family and fixed some healthy meals together.

The girls this week have been doing lots too. Hannah has become the sweetest little mommy.Wearing dresses like mom and wearing shoes like mom too. See!


Today we had to take Alyssa to the doctor and Hannah decided that her baby doll also needed to see the doctor so she came along with us.

Alyssa has decided that food is ok with her now. She loves sweet potatoes =0) She has also decided to try to be more mobile. She is rolling and pushing up and trying to sit.


Tomorrow will be an exciting day with a trip to the  zoo to see the new polar bear exhibit =0)

Oh and last and probably least important (HAHA) mommy (that's me) met her exercise and healthy eating goals this week and lost three pounds! I hope everyone has had a great week too!!


Melissa said...

We are headed to the zoo next week! And we're also working on last minute cub scout requirements. My son is working on his Bear badge.

Giggly Girls said...

Lots of exciting learning this week! We were supposed to hit the zoo a couple of weeks back but something came up and I had to postpone.

wdworkman said...

Sounds fun. Congratulations on your healthy eating goals.

Janet W

Cheryl said...

Video games are our motivator :) And you can never go wrong with the zoo, always something to see :)