Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spiritually fed

There are different seasons in our lives.Some times are calm,slow and peaceful. Others are hectic, stressful and trying. Why is it that sometimes when life gets crazy we let the REALLY important things slip?

As  a wife and mom I HAVE to be sure to feed my family,to do the laundry and be sure no one goes naked, balance the checkbook and make sure the money stretches,change diapers,make bottles and many other things.

As a homeschooling parent I am completely responsible for educating my children.I HAVE to teach my kids to read,write,reason,to understand math and a ton of other things.

When I have all these  worldly and daily “Have to’s” weighing on me I can forget what really is important. My family needs to be spiritually fed. How can I teach and parent with the spirit if I don’t invite the spirit into my home and my heart through prayer and scripture study? How can my children learn to draw close to God during the trials of life, if they don’t see me doing that daily?

We have been making a special effort in our family to have daily devotional. To take time to read and pray and sing hymns. We are not just “fitting it in”. We are trying to make it a priority. Before math, before laundry.First thing in the morning after breakfast(cause you know that baby of mine has to have her bottle first =0)) we are sitting down together as a family and spending some time with God. I can tell you that I feel the difference in my home.I have more patience during my day.I feel more at peace and more grounded.No matter what else is going on in my day.

Fifteen or twenty years from now when my children are remembering there life at home with mom and dad I want them to remember starting there day with the Lord in their  hearts. 

I am trying to remember that the dishes can wait.The math lesson can be done later.I only have a short time with these children of mine.I want to be sure  to teach them the lessons that truly matter.

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crazy4boys said...

Good for you. We're trying to do it first thing now too, so it doesn't get pushed to the end then forgotten. I've also started doing my scripture study where they can see me instead of after they go to bed. I'm hoping by making it more visible the example will be more meaningful.