Monday, May 24, 2010

Our weekend,our week and everything in between

Life can be so crazy at times. Life in our household has been a little bit of crazy lately. We had a good weekend.We saw the new Shrek movie and made some homemade  lime cupcakes and   enjoyed life in general. Despite the nice day as a family I spent most of the evening grumpy and moody. I am sure it was just a number of things! Nothing major really. Hormones,stress that sort of thing.

Despite MY attitude issues God is good and He has made my Sunday and Monday much better. This is our last official week of school for the 2009/10 school year! We are continuing with our math and reading/spelling review. Other than that we have planned several patriotic/Mmorial day themed crafts and activities for the week. Being an Army family these things are a big deal for usThe older three kiddos made red white and blue star wreaths for the front door today. We talked about who and what we are honoring on Memorial day and the kids had a ball gluing away!Here are some pictures for you all to enjoy!

100_6014 Hannah gluing away100_6015Isaiah thinking about the colors100_6020Alyssa hangin’ on momma’s lap

  100_6018 Justin 100_6030Three American Cuties!

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Anonymous said...

I like that. I need some for my front door! I will have to do a few.