Sunday, May 2, 2010

Plans For The Coming Week

I am uber excited about our homeschool plans for this week. We school year round and have officially finished everything for this school year. For the month of May we are simply reviewing. June is our cross country move and there are no specific plans for that month! On top of our review this month we will be focusing on Isaiah’s cub scouts. There are so many neat things to learn in the scouting program and we are going to focus on doing his requirements and involving the whole family, especially little brother who is dying to do scouts and isn't quite old enough!It should be lots of fun!! This week is all about learning to use different tools and building something together. I know it is totally cliché to build something like a bird house or bird feeder BUT some of the other requirements are about studying birds(and hello its such great science) so I think we will be building a bird feeder =0)

We have plans to go to the hardware store, go talk with grandpa about the tools we will need to build our bird feeder and then getting the supplies.Should be a good week =0)

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Lloyd said...

Sounds like you are going to be busy...Great family blog. I really enjoyed looking at it. God bless, Lloyd