Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekly wrap up the artistic edition

This has been a really nice week! Things in our homeschool have slowed down considerably and I am enjoying it! We are on review mode for math and spelling. We have a few things that we haven't achieved mastery in yet. So for the rest of our school year (as we do school anyhow!) will be review and working towards mastery. Skip counting and math facts are on that list as well as remembering some of the spelling rules from all about spelling level 1.Science and history are all wrapped up for the year as well.The highlight of the week for me was the art we did. If you know me then you get what a weird statement that is! I am not at all artistic. I can appreciate beautiful things and I enjoy looking at painting and such. But as far as “doing” art. Well it just doesn't happen that often around here!

Mid week we went for a really nice walk. On the way we saw some graffiti on an underpass. We got to talking about it and I told the kids that graffiti isn't always bad. That it can be a form of art as long as you do it somewhere you have permission. Well that did it! The boys wanted to do graffiti. After being inspired not to be a dream killer I fought my natural instinct to say no to anything “artsy”. Instead I said “Sure lets do it!”

I have to admit that I actually enjoyed this art adventure. 100_5512

100_5518 100_5520 100_5521 100_5549 100_5550


Cheryl said...

What a great way to work in a graffiti lesson! What a cool idea :)

cahanbury said...

This is a great idea. It is so easy to say no, because saying yes might mean more work. But what a great memory they will have! I don't think I've ever used spray paint, and I'm in my 30s!!

Rachel said...

You're an AWESOME mom! Those are the memories your kids will rave about. Way to go!

Blessings to you.