Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Being real

I wanted to have a real moment on my blog today. I have this beautiful little two year old named Hannah.

s41081cb125687_16_0 See she really is a total cutie! Well this cutie has been pushing every limit,law and boundary we have in our home lately. After having gotten two other children past this age I have come to know that kids just do this sometimes. They know the rules and they push them. They are checking to see if the rules are still the same AND whether mom and dad will enforce then.

It just so happens that right now Hannah is in one of those phases. Biting brothers,taking toys,making intentional messes and laughing about it and doing things right after I tell her not too. I had been fairing decently  well with the whole thing. That is until yesterday.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment, I wasn't really looking forward to it because I was having my last wisdom tooth pulled but the last three had all come out easily and with no issues so I wasn't worried either.AAhh how silly I was to assume that things would go as smoothly this time!

After being pulled,tugged,bone shaved, who knows what drilled and five stitches in my mouth( let me repeat IN MY MOUTH) I was done and the tooth was out! The tooth ended up needing to be surgically removed. The doctor put me on vicodin,a steroid for swelling, an antibiotic and ibuprofen to alternate with the vicodin.

Last night Hannah was having another bought of harassing people and the last straw finally came when my son Isaiah came to me to tell me that Hannah had smeared toothpaste all over their bedroom carpet…. I grabbed that little girl, laid her in her bed and didn't go back! She cried for ten minutes and then fell asleep.

Today had been a bit better until dinner rolled around. Since my mouth was essentially cut open and sewn back together my diet is limited to mushy and soupy right now and tonight soup it was! Hannah proceeded to fling her brothers spoon all over the living room and then dump her other brothers soup on the floor as well. I’d love to tell you that I patiently told her that what she did was wrong and then placed her in a time out.But that would be lying! I swatted that girls behind and put her right in her bed. It being so early she did not stay in bed to sleep but she was there until the mess had all been cleaned and I had calmed down a bit. I am not an advocate of spanking and I try to be more calm and gentle in my discipline but I really failed in that today!! I’m going to blame it on the drugs! =0)


Amelia said...

Totally all the drugs! You're a great mom! I'm sure you can imagine how Clomid+obnoxious primary children sent me home feeling. ;)

ChristinaB said...

Oh Amelia that clomid can be a crazy pill! I have been there! =0) Good luck with primary! LoL

Tristan said...

Been there too. Praying you have a nice restful night tonight!

Jeanine said...

Funny how life does that to us moms. The tooth problem and the problem two year old both at the same time!