Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How can you afford it?!

When people hear that we have four kids and that I stay home full time we usually are asked “How can you afford it?”

When we tell them my hubby  also doesn't have a second job and we don't have any  credit cards we get another exclamation and lots of dumbfounded looks! =0)  A lot goes into living frugally.Its not just one simple quick fix thing.  I think from time to time I’d like to write a post sharing some of our frugal ways!

One of my favorite money savings tips is shopping at your local thrift stores. You will be amazed at what wonderful things you can find. If you have a large family one thing you can to do keep track of your families clothing needs is make a list of every ones current size for shoes,pants,dresses,etc. and throw it in your purse or diaper bag.Then when you see a totally cute top you wont have to guess whether anyone in the household will actually fit it! You’ll know!

Today we had a successful trip to the thrift store ourselves. See!100_5469

I found myself six skirts! I was really in need of them too!I also found  two shirts for each of my boys, they refused to model them for me so I could put up a picture. I also found this cute little dress!


and do you know what it cost me for those  six skirts,four shirts and one cute dress? All said and done it was  $26 dollars! That's right twenty six dollars! That is one of the ways We can “afford it”!

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All American x5 said...

Love the Thrift stores and garage sales!

I bought an outfit to go to my hubs work banquet for a total of $10.00.

Going to our citywide yard sales tomorrow as a matter of fact and so excited.

It is awesome to live frugally! Would love for you to share more tips.

Have a great day!!