Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Christina’s culinary school

I am super excited to be working on learning more culinary skills and techniques and to be able to share them here on my blog! I’ve decided to take a fairly relaxed approach to the whole thing. Setting monthly goals to try a new dish or learn a new technique.Another goal I have is to seek out friends who are “kitchen inclined” and learn from them.

I am thrilled with my first goal!I have been kinda bumming about mothers day coming up knowing that my sweety wont be back from his deployment to celebrate. Today I decided not to let myself sit here and be sad, I decided that I would do something special for other moms this year.But what to do??Then it came to me!! I am going to cook a mothers day meal for the special moms in my life. My Sister, Mom and Grandma. Another part of this goal is that everything on the menu for the night will be something I’ve never made before! I am going to be cooking for my sister,her husband,there five children,my mom,step dad,grandma and grandpa along with my four kiddos  which means some creative cooking because my nephew has an egg allergy and my Grandma is diabetic! I’ve been searching the internet for recipes this evening and will post the menu as soon as it is figured out!! I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures and let you all know how it went and what I learn from the experience!

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